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At Chadwicks, we understand wealth management is about more than just money. It starts with building strong and successful personal relationships with our clients.

Everything we do is of exceptional quality, which means being authentic, being different and being sensibly priced. It means we enthusiastically embrace continuing learning and improvement and are curious to find out more about the world around us.

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Our enthusiasm & commitment are what makes us different.


Things we have found interesting, surprising or that simply make life better.


A refreshingly different approach – a real interest in what drives you and your business.


Wealth management built on an intelligent, dynamic approach.


Delve deeper into issues facing businesses and investors at our Insight Masterclasses.

The Sounding Board

A unique resource that brings together unrivalled expertise to help business owners make big decisions better – and raise some money for a great cause.

Trust. The most important element in our relationship with our clients.


As a learning organisation we are keen to share our knowledge - and anything else that interests us.


Our passion for business drives our enthusiasm for helping businesses with ambition.


Our dynamic, intelligent approach means we can meet the needs of our clients today, tomorrow and in the future.

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14 July 2023

The Big Picture

The post-Covid period has been a frustrating and often concerning time for investors who have seen poor returns against a backdrop of rising inflation and interest rates. In this note, James Bacon, one of our associate directors, reminds us of the importance of standing back to see the big picture.

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1 June 2023

Buccaneers of The Financial Market

There are many hidden secrets waiting to be discovered and since ancient times, the allure of finding hidden treasure in unchartered territories has captivated the human imagination. Many courageous explorers have ventured into the depths of the ocean to try and unearth these precious treasures, but many have failed. In many ways, financial markets share many conceptual similarities with the ocean - mainly that markets are also deep and liquid. But thankfully, we seem to know a lot more about markets than we do about the ocean.

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2 May 2023

Don't be Amazed - Succession can be Successful!

I’m not really sure if I like mazes. Hampton Court was my nemesis – the grim realisation, as I found myself at yet another dead end, that although I knew there must be a way out there was no guarantee I’d find it.

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28 April 2023

Steady On!

Perfection is the sum of doing lots of little things well. As professional investors we are obsessed in the pursuit of finding that extra 0.01% to enhance the future outcomes for our clients. While we have various investment strategies, one of the simpler and more noteworthy techniques we use is proactively rebalancing each of our clients’ portfolios. 

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14 November 2023

Grow Your Money Masterclass recap

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1 September 2023

Know Your Money

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22 March 2023

The 2023 Spring Budget

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30 January 2023

2022 - what it meant for retirement income prospects

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The 2023 Autumn Statement Review

5 December 2023

On 22nd November the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, will present his Autumn Statement to Parliament. In what is likely to be the last Statement before the next election, the occasion is an opportunity draw the fiscal battlelines for the upcoming contest for our votes. We will consider both the detail and implications of any changes announced and look at the OBR's assessment of the progress made in taming inflation and repairing our damaged economy.

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2023 - what it meant for prospects in 2024

9 January 2024

2023 is another year many will be glad to see the back of. As we go into the new year, this session will look back over the last 12 months before moving on to consider some positive aspects that suggest we may have turned a corner as we enter 2024.

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Introducing Behavioural Economics

8 February 2024

Theories from the field of Behavioural Economics are being used increasingly by governments, regulators and companies to 'nudge' us towards the right decision - in their eyes at least. This session explores the foundations of this emerging field of study.

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  • Finalist – Norfolk Business Awards 2022 & 2023 – Small Business
  • Apprentice of the Year 2023 - Norfolk Education Awards - Yuliia Vasylenko
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  • New Model Adviser Top 100 - 2017, 2021 & 2022
  • Winner - Norfolk Business Awards 2018 - Knowledge Pioneers
  • Gold Award - Best Employers - Eastern Region 2018
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