James Watson PhD

External Investment Committee Member

In any small group there is a danger of developing a blinkered view. James sits on our investment committe where he helps the Chadwicks team by giving an alternative and deeper perspective on the economic outlook.

James completed his undergraduate degree in mathematics before embarking on a private sector career involving a variety of small business ventures.

He returned to higher education in 2004 completing a Graduate Diploma in Economics, an MSc in Economics, and a PhD in Economics at the University of East Anglia. Shortly after completing his PhD James joined the School of Economics teaching team. He is currently lecturing undergraduate students on Macro Econonmics and teaches the finance modlule to MSc students.

His PhD thesis investigated the role of UK inflation targeting in inducing stability in long-term government bond yields. This investigation is carried out using theoretical, empirical and experimental analysis.

His current interests include the apparent divergence of sovereign states into ‘haven’ and ‘risk’ debtors; the implications of ever growing central bank balance sheets; and the limits to conventional monetary policy. He also has a keen interest in the economic blogosphere and the increasing role this is playing in contemporary economic debate.

James has also provided research assistance on a range of experimental research projects at UEA, including design, programming and running experimental sessions.


PhD. Economics

MSc. Economics

GDip Economics

BSc. Mathematics