The Chadwicks team

I’m immensely proud of the Chadwicks team. Their enthusiasm for doing the best for our clients and their commitment to continued learning are what makes us different.

Richard Ross


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Radostina Dencheva

Chartered FCSI, Investment Analyst

I’m Radi, an investment analyst at Chadwicks where I seek out investment opportunities for you.

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James Bacon

Chartered MCSI Investment Analyst

We live in a World of rapid change, I am committed to embracing this change and ensuring that the portfolios we design are fit for the future

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James Ross

Operations Manager

I am responsible for improving our back office functions so we can give a first class service to our clients.

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Vanessa Forster

Client Account Manager

I’m Vanessa, a client account manager at Chadwicks, where I make your finances one less thing to worry about

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James Watson PhD

External Investment Committee Member

I am interested in the limits to conventional monetary policy

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Angela Brett

Business Development Manager

Passionate about delivering a first-class customer experience and developing company culture and best practice.

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Lee Nguyen

Investment Analyst & Innovation Champion

Lee is fascinated by how technology can be used to enhance the wealth management experience for clients, which has led to his additional role of Innovation Champion - a badge which he wears with pride.

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Harriet Davis

Investment Analyst

Harriet's objective for this year is to meet all of her colleagues in the flesh rather than via Zoom!

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