Life 2.0: Making It Happen

Preparing for your Next Act

While the cliche that life isn't a rehearsal is painfully true, it's also the case that good preparation can make your Next Act a more assured performance.

In this session we bring together the themes and our learnings from the previous two Masterclasses. We'll draw on your thoughts on how the Life 2.0 you want to live has evolved during the pandemic; we'll look at what are reasonable income expectations from our investments and we'll demonstrate the value of lifetime cashflow modelling.

We hope you'll leave the session confident that your Next Act can be supported.

Date: 21 April 2021

Time(s): 10.00 am - 11.00 am

2.00 pm - 3.00 pm

Where: This is a virtual session

The Masterclass will last an hour with the opportuntiy to continue the conversation.

Refreshments will doubtless be available from a kitchen near you.

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What people have to say about previous events....

Beginning to plan seriously for retirement and being a relative newbie in Norwich, it was refreshing to be introduced to a firm that places great emphasis on technical analysis and thoughtful planning. Too often, in my experience, IFAs are more concerned with style over substance but Chadwicks, through their Masterclass sessions offer real insight into investment management and retirement planning. Whether as a professional adviser or, like myself, someone looking for genuine insight into the changing times of today, I would recommend the sessions wholeheartedly.

Andrew Thorpe | Finance and Operations Director | Jarrold Norwich

I have been a regular attendee at Chadwick’s business seminars for several years and without fail I have found the sessions to be useful and practical on the one hand whilst thought provoking and inspiring on the other. Many advisers can put on topical seminars, few can make you feel that you want to go on to study the subject yourself!

Dawn Parkes | Managing Partner | Hatch Brenner