The Pension Counter

Who are The Pension Counter?

The Pension Counter are here to help payroll bureaux, accountants and employers comply with the new workplace pension reforms. With 20 years' workplace pension experience, we are perfectly positioned to work with you to meet your workplace pensions duties.

To date, we have supported hundreds of employers ranging from micro employers to early staging PLCs through every step of the automatic enrolment process.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience. Automatic enrolment is our sole focus and we are here to give you the help, support and reassurance you are looking for.

Free Consultation

Our free consultation service is a great starting point for answers to your automatic enrolment questions.

Our well qualified team, based at the University of East Anglia, are on hand to provide guidance on:

  • Basics of automatic enrolment
  • Obligations and duties
  • Process and payroll efficiency
  • Pension options available
  • Whether you are an employer, accountant, payroll or working with businesses in a professional capacity you will find our free consultations invaluable.

If you are looking for a hands-off service guiding you through the entire automatic enrolment process why not look at our low cost full implementation service?

Full Implementation Service

Let us take care of automatic enrolment for you. Our low cost implementation service will guide you through the entire automatic enrolment processes ensuring compliance, scheme suitability and efficiency.

  • Ensure suitability for employees
  • Ensure payroll efficiency and best practise
  • Full scheme set up
  • Provide full automatic enrolment support
  • Employee engagement
  • Ensure Compliance

Scheme Recommendation

Payroll sits at the heart of automatic enrolment. From experience, we know an efficient payroll process is the key to painless automatic enrolment. As well as recommending a compliant scheme that works well for your employees we will make sure the scheme fully integrates with your payroll software. Where appropriate we will also make a payroll software recommendation.

One of our team will be on hand to discuss your recommendation and options.

Scheme Implementation

Once you’ve accepted our recommendation, we work directly with the scheme provider to set up your scheme. We then work with you or your payroll administrator to remotely configure the scheme within your payroll software and give you the support and training so you can administer your new scheme.

Finally, after your staging date we will confirm your compliance to The Pension Regulator by completing your online declaration.

Engaging employees

It’s important to encourage engagement early in the process. We give each employer access to communications to give to their employees, which include a unique link to their employer specific online pension portal with videos and downloadable PDF guides covering:

  • The Basics of Automatic Enrolement
  • The Basics of Pensions
  • Their Specifc Scheme
  • Employee Options

What if I run several payrolls?

Smaller businesses look to their payroll companies for Automatic Enrolment support. We can help you meet these expectations through our full bureaux solution. As well as providing you full automatic enrolment training and support, via a dual branded portal, we take away the advice burden, reduce the number of different schemes you need to administer while making sure schemes integrate seamlessly with your payroll software.

For your clients, we offer a low-cost service; proactively recommending and implementing appropriate, high quality schemes that they can offer with confidence to their employees.

We can still work with you on a case-by-case basis, however if you would like further details or demonstrations of our full solution please do not hesitate to contact us.


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