Exit Planning to Make a Success of Succession

For most owners, selling their business represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to realise the value of a lifetime's work.

We can work with you to create an exit strategy to prepare your business for a successful transfer - whether it is through an outright sale, a management buy-out or family succession - and guide you through the process from start to finish and beyond.

We can help you answer:

  • Who will buy my business? How do I build a business someone will want?
  • How do I maximise sale value?
  • How are businesses valued?
  • How do I extract the value tax efficiently?
  • What funding options and deal structures can be considered?

A Government reportª suggests 100,000 business fail each year due to the lack of a succession plan.

The report identified five 'danger signals':

  • Business set up for personal, ‘lifestyle’ goals, not strategic business objectives
  • Poor business performance
  • Over-reliance on owner’s specific knowledge which cannot be easily passed on to a successor
  • lack of a suitable successor manager among employees or the owner’s family
  • the absence of any (medium-term) plans for transfer.

And we've noticed a few more:

  • An over-reliance on one customer
  • Unrealistic price expectation
  • Lack of acquirer due diligence
  • Shareholder misalignment
  • Lack of differentiation

If you see one of more of these in your business then contact us - but don't leave it too late.

ªStone, I., Allinson, G. and Braidford, P., 2004. Passing the Baton–Encouraging Successful Business Transfers: Evidence and key stakeholder opinion. Small Business Service/DTI.


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