What our clients say about us

David Wells – Mining Industry Consultant, Norfolk
The service has been very good . I have been dealing with Richard on a very personal basis , he bends over backwards to meet me when I want to meet him so I’m pretty pleased.

Richard always gives an opinion and recommendation related to me personally. Whenever particular issues or queries have arisen I have always been able to direct them to Richard and he has been able to respond.


Derek Ingle – Retired Finance Director, Buckinghamshire

Richard wasn’t the only person I talked to at the time but he certainly came across as the most knowledgeable , I think he understood exactly what my needs were of not only a return but also the level of risk I was interested in taking. Always very good at explaining the strategies and what it is he wants to do with it, keeps you very well informed.

My experience has exceeded expectations not just on the returns Richard has delivered but on the communication. You’ve got to feel comfortable with someone you are placing a certain amount of reliance on and I have always felt very comfortable. He has always been very free with information feedback etc even when it isn’t strictly in the area that he is providing to us. He has provided some guidance on some other things as well of a financial type, and that always makes you feel good as well because you don’t think that the guy is only after the money from this. That is what then leads you towards the bit that says I wouldn’t mind doing business with this guy again.

He listens and therefore he tailors what he presents to you in line with what he has heard from you and I think he has got that right but he also gives you other options. He gives you a broader view. So he listens to what you want but also gives you some further information. The customer is always right but the customer is only always right if they are fully informed.

So the way he approaches it is ‘yeah fine, I can give you what you want but there are also these things that maybe you want to think about, without feeling as if he is trying to push you in another direction. It’s always done with the feeling that he is helping you and giving you information that maybe you might know or maybe you won’t.

I’m an accountant and I have never felt that he has been condescending in terms of the way he has given the information I have always felt it is always very positive.


Professor George Walker OBE – Former Director General of the International Baccalaureate Organisation, Suffolk

I retired when markets where at their peak and everything went wrong in 2008. The crucial thing for me is the trust we put in Richard and everything that has happened since 2006 has justified that. I mean I’m a person who trusts people to get on with it. I find Richards newsletters very helpful indeed ; I find his regular visits very useful and I find that if I need to get an answer I can contact you.


Trevor Chapman – Retired Company Director, Norfolk

I have known Richard for quite a long time so just expected him to look after us.

David Catchpole – Director, Tekpro, Norfolk

Everything either matched or exceeded my expectations.

Roy Ballard – Retired Research Chemist

Availability is very good if I contact Richard he always replies very quickly. And of course there is always the website, which is very good. And up to the minute information.

Always interesting to see Richards’s commentary on what he sees looking in his crystal ball.

Roger Ashby – Retired Company Director, Norfolk

I have had quite a lot of conversations with Richard over the years about my investment style so I think we have thrashed out all the details and he has a good understanding of where I’m coming from. I feel I have a good personal relationship with Richard, which is really the most important thing.

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